The Story

The History


Founded in 2005 by Martin Townshend, this genuine real ale brewery is based in the leafy green heart of the nations hop growing region.

As well as Nelson hops, Townshend's also has access to an aquifier of ancient water to brew with, drawn up from the Motueka aquifer.

These two ingredients, together with a passion for brewing using traditional methods, have seen the Brewery jump to prominence, winning awards and accolades from the NZ Brewing industry. The Company philosophy is simple. Get the best ingredients, treat them with respect and you'll produce a great product. Martin is a strong advocate of the natural fermentation process, “we brew the way people have done for centuries, we don't 'soda stream' the bubbles back into our brews like most breweries. Our brews have the depth of flavour that only comes from natural fermentation. You just don't get that in processed beer – even the so called natural ones.”

“I actually really believe people are tired of the marketing being more important than the beer. Even in the years we have been brewing I have noticed the change. People are interested in tasting the beer, matching it with their meal, knowing where it is from.”


The Old Moutere Brewery


The 1100 litre Townshend Brewery produced a variety of ales, lager and farmhouse cider. Tradition is the theme in recipe formulation and hearty malt flavours are balanced with characteristic hop tones.

All beer begins with the water source. The water used in all Townshend ales is drawn from the Motueka aquifer

It has always been a brewing truth that different water sources are better suited to different beer styles. The unique waters of Ireland, for example, are an intrinsic part of the brewing of stout just as the water of Munich is perfect for the creation of the light coloured lagers that the region is famous for.

At Townshend we’re no exception. Our water, because of it’s mineral salt composition, has been found to prefer enabling darker malts and is perfect for our range of traditional real ales.


The New Motueka Brewery


Martin Townshend relocated the brewery from his shed amongst the bush in Moutere to a new custom building behind Toad Hall on the main road of Motueka. This means the equipment and 1100-litre brewing capacity will stay the same, ensuring consistency with his brews and in turn providing access to the general public making it easier to get his award winning brews, and other interesting ales.

Beers would be available at Toad Hall and directly from the brewery, as well as the usual stockists around the region.

"I think I've been a one-man operation in my shed for 11 years and it's time for a change,"