Hardware Upgrade

We’ll after a whirlwind UK trip catching up family and stopping in on the old local English pubs, We are back in the brewery refilling up all the Townshend’s fermenters and catching up with orders and enquiries.


Remember those Meccano kits you got as kid, well imagine about 1000 of those scaled up to adult size with an instruction book to match - it’s our new bottling machine taking shape. Sometimes you need a better tool to do a better job, and thats exactly what our new Townshend's bottling line is being set up to do. 


With the old tasks made easier will be able to spend more time inventing great brews, and reinventing old ones… Like our latest re-releases Scissor Jacks Hoppy Lager, and Kings Landing Scotch Ale which have had some subtle tweaking from the first stunning batches to make them even more damn tasty.


Keep an eye on twitter, we will be flipping the switch on the online store again once your locals have been fully re-stocked with bottles and kegs.

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