Classic Box - Mixed Doz

Here is your chance to try our core range of beers all in one sampler box. These are the old favourites that satisfy every time. Anything from the ordinary, these beers have been refined to a point where we are proud to have them as our best series. They include;

Aotearoa Pale Ale
Bandsman Hoppy Ale
Black Arrow Pilsner
Cathcarts NTA
Number Nine Stout
Old House ESB
Sutton Hoo
Te Laga
Three Piece Wheat

The mix box contains our 10 core beers, plus to keep it interesting, 2 random beers from our range. These could be special editions, seasonals or repeats from above, but one things for sure, you won't be disappointed whatever you get. The perfect introduction to Townshend's selection of beers... enjoy!